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Art Gallery

Greg like to make it clear that every piece is fabricated by his hands and custom made. This means that just like when you go fishing every fish is different and so are his handcrafted designs.

Greg etches details into the metal by using a high-speed disc grinder. His signature technique creates the amazing holographic effect. The artwork is hand-painted using enamel-based paint that is durable and outdoor safe. The sculpture is finished with lifelike characteristics displaying amazing realism and craftsmanship.

The final product is a vibrant, glossy, candy-coated creation that is an epic homage to aquatic life and beautiful in any atmosphere.

Below are sculptures that are up for sale and past designs that have been created and sold, offering you an idea of what you may be interested in adding to your collection.

All of the designs can have LED light installed to compliment you custom sculpture.

Metal Art !
The newest variation of our popular Seahorse sculpture.
Jelly Fish

The newest variation of our popular Jelly Fish sculpture.

Hog Fish Snapper
The newest variation of our popular Hog Fish Snapper sculpture.